About Us

Canine Commitment Maine is an all-breed canine rescue group.
This fully volunteer based and run organization is dedicated to saving lives and finding forever homes for stray, abandoned and surrendered puppies and dogs.

All the dogs listed on our site are either still waiting in Mississippi and Tennessee Shelters, or in New England Foster Homes waiting to be adopted.

We are always looking for people to help out with transportation and vet costs that we incur! You can donate to Canine Commitment through Paypal! We will always keep you posted on how your money has helped out!

Who are the Volunteers

We do not have a physical shelter as we are strictly a Dog Rescue organization.
All of our dogs arrive with a current Health Certificate, are up to date with vaccinations and are transported on an U.S.D.A. approved transport. Most of our sponsored dogs are spayed and neutered when the arrive and if they are not, there will be a refundable deposit collected upon adoption.

While we do not have a physical shelter we do have regular access to a southern maine licensed boarding kennel that houses some of our sponsored dogs as they await adoption or foster care placement.

We do also have a great foster system in place. Many of our puppies and dogs that are brought up from Mississippi and Tennessee are currently in foster homes. If the dogs are already in foster care this will be listed on their Petfinder bios.

We are three volunteers who work in coordination with experienced and devoted Rescuers from MO and MS to help facilitate successful adoptions for dogs needing great homes in New England.

Sarah  resides in South Portland Maine with her 3 dogs. She is the current director of Canine Commitment, Maine chapter who helps coordinate bringing the dogs/puppies up from the South getting them in foster homes and helping them find their forever homes. Sarah works as a research scientist full time and enjoys running, roller blading with her dogs, biking and hiking. Sarah took over director of Canine Commitment in September of 2011 and is happy to say she has helped find homes for 600 dogs since then. Her introduction into dog rescue was adopting her first dog from Canine Commitment in May 2010 a baby Catahoula/Beagle pup. She then went onto fostering in November 2010 and is happy to report she has fostered over 200 dogs since. She loves helping prepare each pup for their forever homes by introducing them into her home and schedule. She enjoys educating the community and doing presentations in the local schools about Canine Commitment. She is excited for the future and saving more dogs.

Victoria resides in Gorham, Maine with her family. She is the volunteer founder of Canine Commitment, Maine chapter and their group has successfully sponsored a few hundred dogs from CARA to approved homes in New England.  Victoria works part time as a school psychologist and enjoys outdoor activities, travel, and fun family times.  Victoria is unabashedly passionate about Dog Rescue efforts and with the support of her husband and three young children, whom she readily invloves, has worked alongside other volunteers to help rehome dogs in state and out of state. Her introduction to dog Adoption started with Amelia, an abandoned young mutt she adopted in 1996 while in grad school, unemployed, and apartment living. They shared 14 great years together.  Victoria  enjoys debunking myths about Rescue dogs, wishes to educate others about the Save the Big Black Dog campaign, and respects people who have a habit of  taking on too much….she feels in good company with them!  One claim to fame is transporting her 5 year old daughter and 22 Rescue dogs (yes, count them!) in her Suburban from pick up in NH to ME one blistery cold winter night.  “Life is a journey, an adventure, and I like it packed full.” a BIG shout out to Ross!!  my compadre!