Happy Tails

Below are a few of the many successful adoptions Canine Commitment has made possible!


Lindy has been a fabulous puppy. We’re very pleased with her! She had her first vet check this past weekend and she’s in perfect health. She’s extremely smart and has the sit/stay command down pretty well. (She’s a food hog and this has been a huge help).

She’s a great little traveler and likes to go on hikes and viists to the beach, too!


The puppy is doing great!  He’s settled right in and us such a smart and good boy. He’s already almost fully house trained and listens unbelievably well for his age. He’s made a lot of new friends already! We renamed him “Bruin” because he looks like a little bear.

I attached a pic of him at the beach yesterday with his big brother. He had a blast on his first beach day!


I was wondering if at some point the honeymoon would be over. That I’d wake up one day and Cody would be a normal 8-month-old puppy – behaving sometimes, misbehaving most times; chewing up the shoes in the mud room; running out the door when I’m trying to bring in the groceries; barking up a storm; whining in his crate; etc. etc. etc. But no. It’s been over a week now and Cody just keeps learning and pleasing and figuring out all the rules of the house, and I don’t really know how. He is glued to us when we’re outside. A leash is no longer necessary (tho I do use one if we’re walking on the street). A friend and me and her dog went for a long walk in the woods and her dog would run pretty far from us but Cody would always stay within 20 feet. I take him pretty much everywhere with me since he seems to love to ride in the car and he is so easy to fit into to any circumstance.


He believes he is a lap dog!

He definitely loves people and other dogs.  My neice had a ball playing frisbee with him on Sat.  Not only is he the only dog to eat fruit, but he is the only one to actually catch, and play with, a frisbee.   We are thrilled!

He loves the water so we have been taking both him  to a local pond.

Auggie loves to be in the spotlight. He truly is a wonderful dog.  He is into everything… but he has such personality.  He was so excited yesterday when my nephew came to help with yard work!  He loves everyone!


Thank you again for bringing us Monte!  He fits right in with us and is doing great.  At first he thought he lived up at Camp in Maine, which he REALLY liked – lots of kids and dogs to pal around with, and he got to go swimming (with a flotation device, of course!) and for boat rides – it was a blast!  Then he found out yesterday that he actually lives in a real house where he can go out back without a leash and run around – he’s living large.  The only problem is that I think we’re spoiling him…..


I haven’t given you an update in awhile so I figured the 6 months benchmark would be a good time! Zoe (formerly Bella) is doing fantastic! She just got spayed and has all the “bling” (tags) jingling from her collar! She is currently running laps in the house because she’s still under Dr.s orders to not run around outside, waiting for the incision to heal a little more. Plenty of pent up energy and the walks/ ball games are not cutting it! Zoe can’t wait to get back to playing with her best friend Mika, the husky next door! They are hilarious together!


She is the sweetest puppy. She likes to dig and play with the jolly ball. She absolutely adores our cat Stella. They chase each other all over the house, she lets Stella stick her head in the dish when shes eating & will lick her head till shes soaked! Abby is a most loved member of our family. It is so wonderful to have a dog in the house again! Thank you for all your hard work, God Bless!